The latest about php!

The technology of the web is such that it is now possible to find a group of fans and fans for programming languages. Currently, there is a large community of php developers around the world who are revolutionizing this language and its use. The enthusiasm that the professionals have in relation to this language is such that the firms that invented this language have followed the evolution itself and have released a newer version therefore easier to use but above all more efficient.

PHP and its latest

The connoisseurs and users of the language will certainly know that php has released a new version in 2016, version that a lot of people expected, php 7 and then php 7.1. For followers and simple laymen it is certainly a revolution since there have now been 6 generations with php as well as versions s even more evolutionary. Now with 7 and 7.1 members of the php community rejoice not because they are new but just because until then the language has become more stable and wall and therefore is not ready to be dethroned by d Other programming technologies. The performance that language has shown since its first version justifies the existence and the persistence of this great community always waiting for the great revolution. Meanwhile, the members of this community are working on the best framework of php. Moreover with php 7+, we can now create more applications and especially sharper and very powerful tools for websites.

And Framework

To modernize the web development with php, we were able to create new framework even if there are already very interesting at the moment, the php developers will find that they are happier. The frameworks or framework were essentially studied to facilitate the work of the developers and give them even more ease. This year developers will have the pleasure of hosting no fewer than 11 applications for creating more complex but more secure applications. The purpose of these technologies is to raise the level of all web developers in php.

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