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The Consistent Variable Project Workbook page 27 METALLURGY MADE BY ME

So we’ve been putting up the pages of the Consistent Variable Project one by one over the past month or so. Not one a day, exactly, because sometimes the days fly by and fill up with outsideness or thesis defenses or what have you, but frequently and lovingly. Though much has been going on, I am excited to announce, or at least hint, that we’ll be featuring a guest author or 2 soon, one anime specialist and one blog thinker and theorist. Keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway, now we’ve arrived at the CVP I made. My little coat, depicted here quite flatteringly I think, is still hanging on the little blue wooden hooks my sisters and my mom made for me years ago. When we started making this book we emailed the list of participants to see if anyone had any stories or sketches to add, but nobody seemed to. Nevertheless, Diane and I dug up our drawings and notes, and spent some time writing out our thoughts on the process, so we ended up devoting a few extra pages to our projects as a way of opening a window into what it had been like. So consider your selves forwarned- the next few pages will be all about me and me coat here.

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